This Darkness Mine by Mindy McGinnis | Review

3/5 STARS.

I received an eARC but all opinions/thoughts are my own.


One word to describe this book?


I have never been both utterly disturbed and confused when reading a book. This Darkness Mine manages to successfully do this, however. I was stunned. Completely stunned into silence. I started to get really into this book while I was waiting at the train station to pick up Caitlin, and I’m pretty sure everyone in my surrounding area was confused while I whispered “what” to myself over and over.

The premise of this book was confusing but reading it was even more messed up. I couldn’t grasp some aspects and since I did most of the reading of this at night I was afraid to fall asleep in case I had had a twin in the womb (lmao I checked, I didn’t).

Sasha Stone is a good girl though. She plays the clarinet, is in the first chair, and is on her way to being accepted to a prestigious music school. She and her boyfriend fit and she gets good marks. She’s the definition of a goody-goody who follows strict rules. Things start to get weird though when a boy who doesn’t fit her definition of life starts acting as if they have a thing, and that she gave him her number. Something she knows she didn’t do. It’s here the book takes a turn I didn’t expect. A turn that had me staring at my phone like what! Shit gets weird. It gets wild and I could barely keep up with the story. Turns out our main character had absorbed in the twin in the womb. But, Sasha’s heart hadn’t been very strong so the twin’s heart came into play and now the twin wanted to live. Live in a very different way to our protagonist.

There were boring bits, which had me rolling my eyes and wanting a lot more crazy. Though the crazy would hit and I would be begging for the book to return to the normal because seriously. However, the writing style was brilliant. It was a tad jerky in some parts, scenes suddenly changing but that could be because it isn’t the final version.

I have so many questions for the author. How did they create this idea? A book that still has me jumping in the dark and making sure there are no messages from random boys in my phone (there aren’t, boys are lame).

I recommend you all check out this book when it releases – especially if you’re looking for a weird book.

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