Queen of Air and Darkness Cover | Discussion

Hi everyone! I just wanted to quickly discuss the new Shadowhunters cover briefly. This is my first post like this, so I’m sorry if it is incredibly messy!

I’m not sure when I’ll post this but I’m writing this on the day the Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare cover has been released at YallFest. I have a lot of feelings about it and I feel that as my self-acclaimed Shadowhunter Trash self I have to be very vocal about this cover. Mainly the fact that I hate it.

For those who haven’t see the cover here you go: 13541056.jpg

I have a few big problems with this cover. Now, I am in no way an art student or design student or have any knowledge of how a cover should look. I am simply speaking on what I think of the cover.

So, I hate the red on the cover. The first two books are such deep and cool tones that I feel allude to the what is inside the novel. The red makes me think of blood, straight up. Which, maybe the point considering how Lord of Shadows ended. However, I just don’t think it fits. Objectively, it would have been fine for a series by itself but being the final book in a trilogy I feel it really should match the two books. Is that just me? Am I being too passionate about this red bit?

My other major problem, which I think is even larger than the red (I know, I’m dramatic about this, sorry) is the who on the cover. Now, this section may include spoilers (I’m not sure, really) so I would advise getting out of this post if you’re hoping to avoid them. The who is the antagonist of the series. The character who basically, for lack of better terminology, fucked shit up hard in Lord of Shadows. Why do they get a cover? Why not Cristina, our beautiful woman of colour? Why not Ty? Hell, why not Mark, who I despise? Anyone would have been a better character on the cover. Bloody hell, you could have put Clary and Jace on the cover and it would have made more sense. I just really can’t grasp the concept of putting the antagonist on the cover of a book, especially since I would say this particular one is worse than all previous antagonist in the Shadowhunter world combined.

On minor notes, there are little things that annoy me like why is her face so white? What do the broken runes she’s standing on symbolise? Why did the designers choose this trash cover? Just the little things.

Since this is just a post about me complaining, I also want to briefly mention how frustrating that the release date changed. I was pretty resigned to waiting until 2019 and getting The Last Hours next year. I was ready. But, they switched the release dates and you bet I sat in my room screaming for an hour. However, the new release date for Queen of Air and Darkness is bloody 4th of December 2018. I can’t finish a 700+ page book in December because it’s my busiest month of the year. Not only that but what was the point in changing the release date? Putting it at the end of the year basically means it comes out in 2018. Sure, sales may be better because it’s released at Christmas time but it’s just such a pain in the ass and I am way too passionate about this, I’m realising.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the cover? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you even care? Tell me what you think in the comments!

One thought on “Queen of Air and Darkness Cover | Discussion

  1. It ona am and it was just written that i would become restless and then my phone would go off and it YOU and your moaning lol excuse any strange comments i could be in a partial dream!! This might even be a dream!!mmmmmm as i have major mojo issues this year i still havent read book two ( is this lady midnight series ido get confused when books go past 3 lol) Somaybe i missing a big clue. To be honest i like the picture ina general setting ….. i may say ooo lookthat pretty as she pretty in a red dress drowning🤔 i notas dramaticas you seeing blood etc lol!!But i do agree if it just a glory pic to draw us in to buy it then that shAdy it should be main characters that had been idea with ither pictures on her books I HATE with a passion datechanges i preodered thisbook and it has given the later date three times it has changed!! Now i get circumstances but people are waiting for these bookssurely you should have an outline of story etc i have three series at min i completed onday of release snd now have waited over a year and it not due to be released and i have enjoyed thise books but the wait so long will have to a reread…. ine has 6 books and the rate i resDing i shhould start now lol i also think publishers know they have use by b**** and so they know willbuy it for sure ( which we will) so they monopolize on it!! December giid selling time nothing to do with reading!!!! Suppose we will have to wait u til 2019 torant again apolygises in advance for spelling and making sense i only have one eye open lol


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