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I’ve done the alternate version of this post, with books I thought I’d love and ended up hating twice (click here and here). I figured it was only fair that I do the reverse of this. Considering the book community kind of thrives on hatred (no judgement here) and I hate a lot of books I truly expected to love. Some books I hate read – yes, I hate-read, let me live my life – but I promise these aren’t books that fell into that category.

These are all books I went in to with the highest of expectations. I was so ready to drop five-star ratings and scream praise from the rooftops. Unfortunately, they were all flops. I’ve kept it mostly fantasy book theme in this particular post, or books with fantasy elements in them. I definitely want to try and theme these posts so they aren’t just books from every single genre because I feel that makes them a little bit messy.


An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

Find my review here.

This may actually be the most disappointing one for me on this list. Though, a lot of these books were incredibly flat for me. An Enchantment of Ravens had been hyped up on almost every platform ever. People were screaming about how incredible it was. They compared it to A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas which is one of my favourite books of all time. I knew I had to pick it up when it finally released.

What a shit show this book was for me. I did not connect with any single character and the plot was so damn flat. The romance? Ick. The characters had no chemistry and it was a complete Mary Sue story. I have so much anger and I literally read this book in one sitting because it made me so mad at how bad it was.

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The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

I’m a big Rick Riordan fan. I think I’ve read every book he has published at this rate. But, The Lost Hero? That can burn. To start off, I went into this book expecting Percy Jackson. I didn’t want a rip-off son of Zeus. I wanted the son of Posiden in all his glory making the world great. But, no. I despise Jason Grace (one of the three main characters of The Lost Hero). Riordan managed to create the biggest knock-off of one of his own characters. I was shocked.

This book was also just so boring. Maybe because every time I have read it I have been wanting Percy, Annabeth and Grover instead of Jason, Piper and Leo.

OH! Additionally, the romance between Jason and Piper is one of the worst I have read in fiction and I would like to jam it with a pitchfork repeatedly until it dies.

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The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

This book actually ruined the entire Raven Cycle for me. It was trash. What a complete waste of time. It felt like the author lost the story, everything was honestly bland. I don’t even know how to describe it. This book truly just felt like the characters doing pointless activities.

Though, since joining Twitter I am kind of glad I hated this book because of all the problematic stuff the author has done + the fact there are some iffy things in her books.

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To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

What a yawn fest To Kill A Kingdom was. I wanted more murder, more gore and more fear. However, that is not what this book was. I actually DNF’ed it I was so bored. The characters lost the initial spark and simply became incredibly bland to me as a reader. I find that when I read I am very focused on the plot, but To Kill A Kingdom had such a weak plot for me I am still mystified.


There we go! I hope y’all enjoy this post because I really have a lot of fun doing these. What is a book you expected to love but were incredibly disappointed by? I know we all have one book that was just not your cup of tea!


8 thoughts on “Books I Thought I’d Love But Didn’t | Discussion

  1. I expected to love The Raven Cycle (I’ve read the first two books) and I hated both of them. Ronan is horrible and nothing anyone can say can make me change my mind about that. What is some of the stuff Maggie S has done? I haven’t heard anything. I’m still incredibly salty about this fact. That I didn’t love these books. lol.

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