Undone By The Ex-Con by Talia Hibbert | Review

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Star-DividerRating: ★★★★☆

Release Date: January 2nd, 2018

Trigger Warnings: homophobic comments, murder (off the page), emotional abuse, drug addiction

Pages: 370

Publisher: Nixon House

Genre: contemporary, romance

Goodreads blurb:

To protect her brother, Lizzie must seduce the man she despises…

Isaac Montgomery is a killer. A savage. He doesn’t belong in the glittering world of high-society, but somehow, that’s where he’s ended up. 

After all he’s been through, it should take more than a prima ballerina with a cut-glass accent to get under his skin. But when Isaac meets Lizzie Olusegun-Keynes, he doesn’t just lose his cool. He f$*king melts.

Lizzie is losing control of her body, her life—and her desires. She shouldn’t want a man like Isaac, a man who’s rough and coarse and forceful, but the lust that sparks between them is impossible to ignore.

When a sinister power threatens Lizzie’s beloved brother, the decision is taken out of her hands. Like it or not, she’s forced to get close to Isaac.

There’s only one problem: she’s starting to fall for the brooding ex-con.

The ex-con she has to betray.


 R E V I E W

I think I’ve made it clear by now that I love Talia Hibbert. This was actually my final book of hers to read before the release of her next book (which may be out by the time I write this review?). This definitely isn’t my favourite of her works but it was such an enjoyable ride and I read it so fast. Talia Hibbert is an hour that has had the ability to pull me out of any slump I have been descending in to. Her books have such an incredible layer of depth to them, as well as being hilarious and sexy at the same time. I really appreciate the honesty that comes through in her books.

What is Undone by the Ex-Con about though? Well, it obviously features an ex-con who has done his time in jail and is now a successful published writer, Isaac. Isaac is struggling with his publisher and deciding who to trust due to his bad boy reputation. Lizzie is an ex-ballerina who has faced the harsh criticism from her mother her whole life. Her career in dance ended shortly after she was diagnosed with type one diabetes, quickly ending any dreams she had in being professional. However, her brother has helped her get a job with a rich family in which she teaches the three daughters ballet. Lizzie and Isaac instantly butt heads when they meet. Nothing good is predicted to come from the pair interacting, but the sexual chemistry is off the charts. Of course, there is the small problem of Lizzie’s employer being Isaac’s publisher who is blackmailing both of them. It is a messy combination and it really is a wild ride to read. The story comes together well, despite the fact that it seems like it shouldn’t. I did have some problems with some things, which I will extend on later, but I think this is yet another knock out of the park by Talia Hibbert.

If you’re looking to get into the contemporary romance genre I truly can’t recommend Talia Hibbert’s books enough. If you scroll down my blog a little you’ll find a bunch of reviews I have done for her books. I truly recommend them due to the fact they are simply so easy to read, as well as Talia being one of the most lovely people I follow/interact with on twitter.

what I did like


I’m a big fan of family relationships in books. I’m super close with my mum and my relationship with my sister is iffy but I was overjoyed to see that Lizzie had such a close relationship with her brother in this book. The pair had gone through so much with their parents. Despite being well off and the brother living off his trust from the family their parents are monsters. However, the siblings work together in order to be there to support one another. It really was a refreshing take to see the fact the pair had come together in their hardships rather than distance (I guess there was distance at the beginning, but it is quickly sorted).


I really love supportive friends and a supportive cast. Both Lizzie and Isaac have people they can rely on. The way they have treated these people is different and Lizzie does have some making up to do. But, overall they both have friends and people they can talk to which is honestly so damn rare in books. I always find that one person seems to have a better support network but Talia Hibbert blew me out of the park, yet again, with Undone By The Ex-Con.


I find in some of Talia Hibbert’s work the backstory and development of one character is not as well done as the other. This is really just a small problem I have with her work. Undone By The Ex-Con really did a perfect job of providing the backstory of both characters. I really felt like we got a sense of who each person was through the multiple person view this story is told in. I really was able to connect with Isaac’s story more so, having a rags to riches kind of tale. Lizzie was a bit more difficult, being someone who grew up in wealth. By the end of the story I had connected to the characters and I was so giggly.

what I didn’t like


This was a big thing for me. The romance was so fast. It happens over a month. The characters are literally engaged by the end of the book and it just made me feel super meh about everything. I am a cynical bitch, I admit to this. I don’t like my romances to be too fast. I want distance, I want time, and I want more connection before the characters vow to make a lifelong commitment (I know you can do a long engagement but seriously, a month?!). I really struggled to connect by the end.


The epilogue was just…bleh. It wasn’t what I wanted at all. It kind of continues on from the last point of what I didn’t like though.


Undone By The Ex-Con was ultimately missing something for me. There was just a spark I wanted and this book didn’t deliver it at all. I don’t know what it is but ultimately, it just wasn’t what I expected. I think it was the romance, honestly. So, maybe all my dislikes are simply just the romance.

Overall, I really did enjoy Undone By The Ex-Con but the romance really dragged the story down for me. The story really showed through flashbacks a deeper meaning that connected me to the story. This was a fast-paced romance set mainly in the Alps. It was the perfect story for a winters day, which is when I read it. I still recommend absolutely anything, Talia Hibbert.


Happy reading everyone!

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