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Sometimes I don’t have enough thoughts or comments to make a full review. I don’t know if anyone else has this dilemma but I have noticed this happening more and more to me as I continue in the blogging world. I am struggling to compile my review thoughts. Maybe it’s because I started doing discussion posts? Who knows (not me).

I decided that I would write mini-reviews for some of the books I’ve read recently, compiling three to make a full blog post. I know, I’m a genius. There are three books within this post that I just simply didn’t have much to say on. They all left me feeling kind of flat or just unable to put my love in words. These reviews aren’t long at all and, as always, I feature the trigger warnings I found while reading. I hope you enjoy this different style of post, let’s jump into the reviews!





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Scoring With The Wrong Twin by Naima Simone 

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Trigger Warnings: sexist comments, sexism in the workplace, comments of past bullying, comments about drugs and gangs, comments about the death of a sibling, comments about miscarriage

Scoring With The Wrong Twin was a book I picked up because I saw one of my favourite authors on Twitter reading it (shout out Talia Hibbert). Unfortunately, this book fell flat for me. I loved so many things about this book but I really feel that the fact it was so short made it lack incredibly with the connection between the characters. The book was a fast read, which worked for me as I was trying to get my number of books read up (I have no shame) but unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend Scoring With The Wrong Twin very highly.

I am, overall, not a fan of miscommunication in books and this book was full of it. Despite the excellent sibling relationship between the twin sisters in this book, I feel that almost every scenario some sort of information was being withheld, leading for the book to spiral into its climax and complication. It definitely wasn’t enjoyable. If characters just talked I feel that a lot of authors would lack content for books. The other big issue I had with this book was the sexist comments. They were called out in some parts of the book but other times it really felt as if they weren’t.

Overall, Scoring With The Wrong Twin isn’t a book that I would recommend at all. I think there are much better romance books that exist.


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Something About You by Julie James

Rating: ★★★★☆

 Something About You was a book I decided to randomly pick up. I am so glad I did because damn. This book was good and I am beyond excited to read more in the series. This was a book that I really needed at the point in which I read it. I couldn’t exactly handle a heavy book and Something About You by Julie James isn’t fluffy but it does have an amazing heat to it. The characters share amazing banter, that truly make you laugh out loud while reading. I had a smile on my face for such a large part of this book that I can’t help but recommend it. It was honestly really shocking since this book was written in 2010 and I don’t typically like books written around that time – I know, I’m ridiculous.

Throughout Something About You we get to see the romance slowly form between Jack and Cameron. However, that really isn’t the big focus of the book. The larger focus is definitely that Cameron witnessed (kind of) a murder and is now helping a criminal investigation. Don’t think she can’t do anything though. As assistant to the US Attorney Cameron Lynde is kickass and that is what I loved about this book so much. Jack on the other hand was a little too Alpha male for me but I still found myself swooning over him. This book is truly such a great and fast read the mystery element really made it stand out in the romance genre.

I highly recommend to people looking for a romance book with a good mystery interwoven in.


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The Brightsiders by Jen Wilde

DNF @ 65%

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Trigger Warnings: biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, emotional manipulation, abuse, underage drinking, drug mentions

The Brightsiders was another book I picked up on a whim. I didn’t expect a lot since I hadn’t enjoyed Queens of Geek. This book was one that I was definitely enjoying more than the authors debut. I was totally into the world and wanting to get to know the punk rock bad main characters more. It was also beautifully diverse, with almost no character that was straight. A teen rock band being plunged into fame was the kind of story I would have died to read when I was younger, especially since this one did show parental manipulation and substance abuse.

However, the plot of The Brightsiders really fizzled out around the 40% mark. I became incredibly romance heavy that I don’t hate but I didn’t feel the connection between the characters. I’ve talked about this in other reviews but I don’t really like friends to lovers tropes, I feel that too much of the connection is made off page and makes me slightly frustrated because I want to love the couple. I would still recommend this book because it is very diverse and a very good look at sexuality and messy family dynamics. It just wasn’t for me. If you love a character driven book I recommend this book even more highly! I love plot, so that is mainly why this fell short for me I feel.


Happy reading everyone!

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  1. I loved your reviews. I don’t think they are mini. I think they are just apt to tell me what the story is all about. Thank you for sharing…
    To be frank, when I read 100s of posts per day, I love Reviews like this which tell me everything in a few days. Please keep writing

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