Sweet On The Greek by Talia Hibbert | Review

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Rating: ★★★★★

Release Date: July 20th, 2018

Trigger Warnings: biphobia (dealt with), drug addiction mentioned, drugs mentioned, excessive alcohol drinking, kidnapping mentions, major injury mentions, discussion of stalking, counselling mentions

Pages: 231

Publisher: Nixon House

Genre: contemporary, romance, adult

Goodreads blurb:

The only thing he can’t do is lose.

For millionaire footballer Nikolas Christou, one look is all it takes: the minute he sees Aria Granger, he’s a goner. Playboy Nik knows lust—intimately—but his need for Aria goes far beyond that. Of course, the plus-sized beauty isn’t interested in romance… but Nik isn’t interested in giving up. 

Aria Granger has sworn off relationships for her own good. After all, her ex nearly murdered her best friend, so clearly her taste is questionable. When charming, gorgeous Nik bounds into her life, Aria can’t decide if he’s as innocent as he seems… or if her bullsh*t-ometer is broken. 

The super-sweet sports star claims he needs a fake girlfriend to protect him from ‘misunderstandings’. And Aria, with her tattoos, piercings and dangerous scowl, fits the bill. But there’s no way a guy as handsome as Nik can be that bad at handling relationships. 

Can he? 



I don’t think I have to do a review every time I read a new Talia Hibbert book but honestly, I must. Her books need more hyped and even though this review is going to be posted extremely after I’ve finished this book I need to tell everyone about how great it was and that you need to pick it up NOW. Seriously, even if you don’t read romance go purchase this via Amazon. I promise it’ll be there for when you get stuck in a slump and it will rip you right out of it.

Sweet On The Greek by Talia Hibbert was no exception to my undying love for her books. Honestly, this book blew the socks clean off my feet. It was sexy, it was romantic, it was kind of strange with the whole ‘love at first sight thing’ but I’ll get more into that later. Talia Hibbert has the ability to transport you away from a that short while you read her books and it is absolutely what I want and needs in life. I want to pay this lady personally to write books for me to read. Obviously, I have a few problems with this book, but I just can’t stop fucking swooning. Let me have a moment so I can jump into this review.

Okay, I’m ready.

Sweet On The Greek follows Aria and Nik, two complete opposites who meet by chance while Aria is in Greece for the wedding of her best friend. Nik has just had an injury which has ended his football (soccer) career and is lowkey moping around his mother’s hotel when he stumbles across Aria. The pair makes out in order to get rid of a girl who had been looking for Nik and the chemistry is undeniable. Honestly, it is so potent it is mind-blowing. It leaves Nik wanting more but after her last relationship went incredibly sour Aria is not looking for love at all. Which has Nik devise probably one of the dumbest plans I have ever heard – have Aria be his pretend girlfriend in order to have her fall in love with him. He needs her to pretend for the duration of a week while his friends through a week-long party. Aria agrees with thanks to the incredibly large amount of money that Nik offers, something that will allow her to open her own tattoo shop. When the week finally arrives it is full of banter, heat and scandal. The pair is hiding secrets from each other and once they come out they may make the other run.

Honestly, though, this book was amazing. Having it set in Greece as well just made my travel bug bite me even harder (why must I live in Australia?). I am honestly really struggling to even find the words that will force you to pick this book up because I seriously think you do need to. Despite the fact, this is the third book in a series I wouldn’t say it is necessary to read the other books. Obviously, characters come in to play from the previous books, as well as the mention of events, but I wouldn’t say Bad For The Boss is my favourite Talia Hibbert book so you can skip if you so do wish.

I’m going to get the problems I had with this book out of the way so I can gush about it more. Yes, this review is a complete and utter mess but that is what my brain is like after one of these books, okay.

I really would have liked to see more of the email exchanges that happened between Aria and Nik. After the pair meets in Greece they don’t see each other for six weeks but communicate solely via email. We get a small snippet of this but I feel that having more would have given this book a lot more tension and have built up the pair’s sexual chemistry a lot more. I wouldn’t have minded if this book was twenty pages longer just for the fact that I wanted more of this interaction.

Aria has such a large mistrust towards Nik at the beginning but it is simply pushed aside when Nik and her start getting sexually involved. I would have liked more depth with that and had this be a large obstacle in their relationship honestly. It would have really pushed the characters and I think it would have made their relationship a lot more solid too.

My last problem is the whole love at first sight theme that is carried throughout this book. It’s a pretty big point in all of Talia Hibbert’s books so I am pretty used to it by now, but I still hate it. I am just a major cynic who loves romance honestly, I am a mess.

Apart from this, I loved the fact that this was a fake dating and sports romance. Those are literally my two favourite tropes in the romance world and to read them by one of my favourite authors? Amazing. I just have no words. They’re just so seamlessly done throughout the story. Talia Hibbert truly is one of the best romance authors of 2018 and I can’t believe everyone is sleeping on her.

Oh, also, there is a bisexual hero which is fucking awesome. I don’t have much to add on this point, but it is just fucking awesome to see.

Overall, Sweet On The Greek was no exception to my endless love for Talia Hibbert’s works. I had some problems, but they’re truly so easy to ignore due to the fact this book is so fucking easy to fly through. I can’t wait to read more of this authors work, and by the time this review is posted I think another book will be out, so yay!

Have you read Sweet On The Greek? Or any of Talia Hibbert’s books? Let me know in the comments!

Star-Divider Happy reading everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Sweet On The Greek by Talia Hibbert | Review

  1. Ahh great review!! I really need to get to her books, I love the whole fake girlfriend to real girlfriend tropes, even if I’m not big on insta love either. Although side note: when the cover loaded, that guys body actually scared me. Suffice to say, I’m not that big a fan of crazy abs.

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