11 Of My Favourite Bloggers | Discussion

Throughout my blogging experience, I have discovered so many incredible people. Some of them I am friends with and some of them I have never interacted with. I wanted to make a post that highlights these people and just really promotes their voices. I feel I don’t do enough of that on my blog and all these people write such incredible blog posts that I am always in awe of what they do.

If you want to check out any of these people (and I obviously highly suggest that you do) click on their names and you will be sent to their blogs. Despite not interacting with everyone personally, I am sure that they are all absolutely beautiful people. Their content is definitely worth your time though. These are the people who’s notifications I have turned on and anxiously await new content.

Today is also my university graduations, so your girl is officially free from all that tertiary education stuff.


Taryn @ Taryn & Her Books

Taryn is one of the three people I have actually met online due to our mutual love in books. She is such a kind soul and her posts are so well written. I was actually intimidated of her when I first joined the book community because she had such a large platform and was very outspoken. Basically, I love Taryn as a person and I adore her content almost as much. Her content is very diverse driven in a broad range of genres which is one of the things I love most about Taryn. If you love dogs, you should definitely follow her Twitter two because her two dogs are my favourite things ever (obviously after my dog).


Destiny @ Howling Libraries

Have you ever spoken to someone and just been able to feel how incredible they are? That’s how I feel with Destiny. She is just so damn kind, strong and a downright amazing human being. I absolutely look forward to when I get the chance to talk to her because we have some of the best conversations. Plus, every time I speak to her I feel I come away a little bit stronger. She is also one of the most amazing bloggers in this community that I want to yell at everyone to head over to her blog. She reviews such a broad range of books and reads so incredibly fast that you can’t help but be impressed.


Solomon @ The Bookish King 

Solomon is possibly my oldest bookish friend on this list. We met on Goodreads and have stayed friends. He has been here for me for quite a long time and I always find talking to him incredibly interesting – our conversations usually end up with me in hysterics. I don’t always agree with his opinions but we have some great conversations that result in us screaming really loudly.


Elise @ The Bookish Actress

Elise is actually one of the most iconic people I have accidentally stumbled across online. I think we followed each other for around a year before we actually made contact? Her voice is so dang important in the YA book community and I rely on her recommendations in so many areas. Not only that but she writes incredible posts, honestly, she clearly puts so much time and effort into them that I am blown away every time I get a notification for one.


Kaleena @ Reader Voracious Blog

I stumbled across Kaleena on Twitter I’m pretty sure and after looking at her blog followed it without second thoughts. The design of her blog reminds me of autumn/fall, so just gives me endless cosy feels. I don’t think we have had any conversations (maybe one or two) but I am a religious follower of her blog and her content is absolutely incredible.


Dezzy @ The Thoughtful Voice

Dezzy! I have been following Dezzy for a while and her blog has to be one of my favourites. Her content is spectacular and I absolutely love her voice. It’s as if she’s screaming at me when I read her posts (in a good way!) and they just make me so happy. Her use of Brooklyn 99 gifs in her posts also makes me want to yell because clearly, that show is incredible. Dezzy is also just one of the sweetest people ever. Whenever she comments on my blog I find myself getting excited.


Kayla @ Books & Blends

Kayla’s blog has to be one of the prettiest I have ever seen. I absolutely adore going on it on both my laptop and phone, because the colours just make me so happy. Kayla reviews a lot of romance and if I’m after a recommendation the first place I head is her blog. I haven’t really spoken with Kayla outside commenting on each other’s blogs but she is such a sweet soul that I really hope I can get to know!


Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams

Lily is another person who I haven’t interacted with but I adore her blog. The content she puts out is phenomenal and I love her voice. Her design skills on her blog are just so calming as well. I can’t even explain it, I just love heading over to her blog and seeing what she is talking about even if I have already read her posts. The photos she uses as her feature image too are so bloody beautiful.


Lacy @ A Ravenclaw Library

I have interacted so much with Lacy on Twitter, she is the sweetest damn soul I have ever met. I don’t think I have come across anyone as supportive as she is. I look forward to reading her reviews and talking to her on Twitter. She is truly one of those people’s who’s personalities can just brighten your whole day. I urge you to look at her blog because the content is spectacular.


Chloe @ Chloe’s World

Chloe is someone who I met on Goodreads, and then we started talking on Instagram and Facebook. She is the sweetest person on this planet and I love talking to her. Her blog is on hiatus while she is studying at school but I look forward to every post she puts out. She’s young but she is wise beyond her years and we have had some incredible conversations, and I always enjoy hearing the perspective of someone still in their teens. Chloe is truly a gift to have in my life and her blog is spectacular, the girl has a knack for design and I can’t wait to watch her grow.


Mahana @ Loving Tomes

Mahana is one of my favourite people both blog and Twitter-wise. Again she is someone who I haven’t really shared a lot of interactions with, but the content and work that she puts out on both platforms is iconic and needs to be heard. I love her voice and the fact that she loves The Hating Game as much as I do. Her blog is so minimalistic that it fuels my soul as well.


So, there we have it! There are eleven of my favourite bloggers. There are so many more as I discover new blogs and find new content. I would love to hear who some of your favourite bloggers are! Tell me in the comments below.

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