That Kind of Guy by Talia Hibbert | Cover Reveal

I have something very exciting to bring you all today. As you may know I absolutely adore Talia Hibbert and her romance novels. I literally cried when I found out my review had been quoted in the Amazon edition of the book – literally, ugly sobs. Her romance books are a breath of fresh air, diverse and just so well written. This series is the series that started my deep dive into romance and I will never look back.

A Girl Like That by Talia Hibbert and the following books in the series are some of my favourite books in existence. I have a re-read planned of them already and the series isn’t even done. I think that says it all.

I am lucky enough to be bringing you the cover of the third book in the Ravenswood series titled That Kind of Guy. I get chills. That Kind of Guy releases May 2nd. Without further ado, let me show you this spectacular cover.


She wants a fake relationship. He needs something real.

If there’s one thing Rae can’t stand, it’s pity. She’s forty, frazzled, and fed up—so attending an awards ceremony alone while her ex swans about with his new wife? Not an option. To avoid total humiliation, Rae needs a date of her own. And her young, hot-as-hell new best friend is the perfect candidate…

Zach Davis, king of casual hookups, has a secret: the notorious womaniser craves emotional connection, and anonymous encounters leave him feeling hollow. After years of performance, Zach’s desperate to be himself. So why does he agree to play Rae’s fake boyfriend? And why does it feel so easy?

When the line between pretence and desire blurs, Zach’s forced to face an unexpected truth: there’s nothing phoney about his need for Rae. But the jaded divorcée’s been hurt by playboy men before. Can a weekend of faking it prove that Zach’s for real?


Ah! How amazing right? I have never been so happy to be able to reveal a cover before. If you’re interested in this series (which you should be) you can preorder That Kind of Guy by Talia Hibbert at the following links:

iBooks ➙

Amazon US ➙

B&N ➙

Kobo ➙

Google Play ➙

I also want to include the trigger/content warnings for this book as well so they are as follows (directly from the author): This book contains instances of emotional abuse and controlling behaviour from both a parent and a significant other. It also features mention of depression and serious parental illness.


What do you think of the cover? Tell me in the comments! Let’s discuss the amazingness of this series if you’ve ever read it!

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