Hi, my name is Amber Robertson and I suck at writing bios about myself. Almost everything I know about myself leaves my brain instantly and I have absolutely no clue what I even like.

My blog primarily reviews. I don’t really know how to write anything but a review (and I don’t do that well). If you see a discussion post mingled into my posts you know it’s a topic I am truly passionate about. It’s usually a controversial topic or something I had seen floating around twitter that made me want to scream.

Some facts about me:

  • I’m both a ENTJ and a Gryffindor.
  • I’m a university student in my final year. If you’re reading this after October 19th 2018 I have graduated and just can’t be bothered to update this. I am studying professional communications with a major in journalism.
  • I live for young adult and romance. The contemporary genre has been speaking to me lately and I can’t help but squeal.
  • If a book has a dog there is a high chance I will love it.
  • I speak passionately about PTSD, anxiety, depression, abuse and epilepsy. Which means I always try to include triggers in my posts, if I miss a trigger let me know!
  •  If you have any recommendations for me feel free to send them through. Or if you just want to discuss a book I enjoyed feel free to comment to me!