Books I Thought I’d Love But Didn’t | Discussion

I’ve done the alternate version of this post, with books I thought I’d love and ended up hating twice (click here and here). I figured it was only fair that I do the reverse of this. Considering the book community kind of thrives on hatred (no judgement here) and I hate a lot of books I truly expected to love. Some books I hate read – yes, I hate-read, let me live my life – but I promise these aren’t books that fell into that category.

These are all books I went in to with the highest of expectations. I was so ready to drop five-star ratings and scream praise from the rooftops. Unfortunately, they were all flops. I’ve kept it mostly fantasy book theme in this particular post, or books with fantasy elements in them. I definitely want to try and theme these posts so they aren’t just books from every single genre because I feel that makes them a little bit messy.

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Most Disappointing Reads of 2017

I’ve already posted my “17 favourite books of 2017” post but I feel I also have to post my most disappointing reads of this year. This was the year I decided to not fall into the hype anymore or be sucked into that mob mentality. Some of these books I had no expectations for but they still managed to disappoint me.

I didn’t have 17 books I despised (which is pretty good when you read 200+ books) so these are just a few of the books that made me want to slam my own head in a car door. I tried to specifically keep this to 2017 release but there’s a couple of years prior.

This isn’t to say you can’t like these books though. Go ahead. These are just books I personally don’t like. I won’t apologise for not enjoying a book you love as well. Plus, I kind of love these posts so I wanted to add to them.


1. Zenith by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings / REVIEW

Probably the most obvious on this list. Zenith doesn’t release until next month in 2018 but boy, did I hate it. The PTSD rep was absolutely terrible from my perspective and the characters were bland. I truly have no other words. It was a mess that was in serious needs of more editing. Honestly, certain sections of the book sound like different voices, you can clearly see the beginning has been edited more thoroughly and the middle and end were left as a clumped mess that didn’t flow.

2. Caraval by Stephanie Garber / REVIEW

I only read this as a hate-read, honestly, and somehow I was disappointed to still. The concept of nothing is real for your novel could be interesting, but don’t make that your plot twist when it’s basically the blurb for your book. I wasn’t impressed. Not to mention there was unresolved child abuse that had no background or did not follow the main character, the whole scene could have been taken out of the book and not a word would have to be changed.

3. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven / REVIEW

If you know me, you know I’ll take any chance to rant about this problematic trash fire. I will gladly put myself up to the plate and fight anyone who tries to defend this book. Because, really, it was just bad. I don’t know how it was. The two characters were simply their mental illnesses and nothing more. Not a single person tried to help either of them and every adult was bad and dangerous. A terrible message to have in a book for young adults about mental health.


4. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin / REVIEW

This was also a book I knew I wouldn’t like but had to give a try. It truly started to come back this year since The Unbecoming of Noah Shaw was coming out. I shouldn’t have bothered. This book is a clump of every early 2000’s cliche rolled into one. There’s nothing to distinguish this or Twilight in a lineup. It was not original at all and frankly, grossly misogynistic.

5. 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher / REVIEW

With the TV show for 13 Reasons Why coming out this year, it was clear there was hype building up behind it. From the very first moment, I knew I would hate this book. There aren’t reasons you kill yourself, not ones that you can list. Placing that blame on 13 other individuals is sick as well. I figured I’d pick up the book though, so I had a leg to stand on in arguments (I also watched a couple of the TV show eps and ick, bad acting). I DNF’ed this book. It was honestly terrible. There was no substance and the fact that I learnt not a single mental health term is used throughout just made me mad. Honestly, everything about this book makes me mad. It is similar to All The Bright Places in the way it is just authors cashing in on mental health stories with no research or substance.

6. An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson / REVIEW

An Enchantment of Ravens may actually be my biggest disappointment. I saw so many people hyping it up and comparing it to ACOTAR (one of my favourite series) so I was beyond hyped to jump in. However, that was not at all what the story was. I was shocked by the fact it did not meet a single expectation I had – which doesn’t bother me, but this book was just bad. Nothing really happened either throughout and I was just left feeling confused when I finished.


7. One of Us is Lying by Karen M. Manus / REVIEW

I’m honestly surprised this book hasn’t caught much backlash. It follows basically the exact same thing as 13 Reasons Why. The ‘plot twist’ just vilifies people with mental health issues, yet again. It wasn’t even well written, it was slow and quite boring. There are so many better thrillers out in the book world. I think the reason this particular one was hyped was due to the Breakfast Club elements throughout. Something I don’t agree with at all. I  mean, I don’t like The Breakfast Club, but still. This book should be called out more than it is, just saying.

8. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab / REVIEW

This one will probably have mobs coming after me. I’m not a fan of V.E’s writing. At all. I have finished two of her books (this one and This Savage Song) and was not a fan of either. They are intensely overhyped and I just can’t fall in love with either the characters or the world. It just all falls flat on me. I have literally tried to read all of her books and I just can’t fall in love like everyone does.

9. The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli / REVIEW

Another unpopular opinion? Don’t worry, there are so many others that I am not including on this list. I just can’t fall in love with Becky Albertalli’s writing and it sucks. I wish I could enjoy her books and support them (I still promote them highly to people). I’m also not really into contemporary novels where the main focus is simply just the romance. I need a bit more to keep me invested.

That’s it! 9 books of utter disappointment. I’m sure there are more but these are the nine that jump out and I don’t remember fondly. I’m sincerely glad if you loved some of these books! I really am, I just can’t deal with some of them, unfortunately.

What are some of your most disappointing books of this year?

Happy reading everyone!

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An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson | Review


TRIGGER WARNINGS: alcohol (briefly)

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Release Date: September 26th, 2017

Pages: 300

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Goodreads Review: here

Goodreads Synopsis:

Isobel is a prodigy portrait artist with a dangerous set of clients: the sinister fair folk, immortal creatures who cannot bake bread, weave cloth, or put a pen to paper without crumbling to dust. They crave human Craft with a terrible thirst, and Isobel’s paintings are highly prized among them. But when she receives her first royal patron—Rook, the autumn prince—she makes a terrible mistake. She paints mortal sorrow in his eyes – a weakness that could cost him his life.

Furious and devastated, Rook spirits her away to the autumnlands to stand trial for her crime. Waylaid by the Wild Hunt’s ghostly hounds, the tainted influence of the Alder King, and hideous monsters risen from barrow mounds, Isobel and Rook depend on one another for survival. Their alliance blossoms into trust, then love, violating the fair folks’ ruthless Good Law. There’s only one way to save both their lives, Isobel must drink from the Green Well, whose water will transform her into a fair one—at the cost of her Craft, for immortality is as stagnant as it is timeless.

Isobel has a choice: she can sacrifice her art for a future, or arm herself with paint and canvas against the ancient power of the fairy courts. Because secretly, her Craft represents a threat the fair folk have never faced in all the millennia of their unchanging lives: for the first time, her portraits have the power to make them feel.


I’m sure we all know that feeling when we are so excited for a book but as soon as you start reading you go blah. That was me in this case. I was super excited for An Enchantment of Raven, almost every friend I have given it four stars or higher which only built my excitement. Furthered by the fact it was compared to A Court of Mist and Fury, arguably one of my favourite books. I was left so underwhelmed by this book it was ridiculous. I finished and went “that was a waste of time”. I mean, it did only take me around 24 hours to read but still.

So, obviously, this book has been compared to the ACOTAR series several times (or at least I’ve seen it compared). I honestly think that’s an insult to Sarah J Maas, who I know many of you don’t like but still. Feyre is one of the strongest characters in fiction for me and just thinking Isobel could be compared to her is laughable to me. The girl finds herself in love with the love interest within two weeks and basically becomes useless from there. It was so infuriating. She barely struggled when he kidnapped her as well. It was so frustrating.

I should mention I did enjoy the writing style of this book but sometimes it moved too fast and I was left looking back at previous pages confused as to where this new development came from. Half the time it didn’t really add to the plot (prepare for a rant on that).

I just really think I had too many expectations for this book and it didn’t reach a single one of them.


What plot?

Honestly, what plot? There wasn’t a single piece of plot. There was nothing to grip you in and further your reading. Apart from the romance between the protagonists, which wasn’t interesting at all. There is honestly no chemistry between the pair and it is laughable to me that this could be viewed as romantic.

The plot basically goes: Isobel paints portraits, she doesn’t want anyone else to paint portraits, she paints infamous Autumn Prince, falls in love in two weeks, he kidnaps her and after a paragraph, Isobel no longer cares. I shit you not. That’s it.

There is a subplot going on that would have been great to include before the final 80% (which is what happened) but nope. We just get a love story for pages and pages. It did my head in. I love a good romance as much as anyone, but I need chemistry and build up. This book had neither. I also need a good plot to follow the romance so it isn’t all I’m focusing on. Again, not something this book had.

I did like Isobel’s interactions with everyone but Rook (aka the Autumn Prince). It gave her some form of personality. Actually, I take that back. Usually, when Rook wasn’t around she was pining after him and wondering if she really liked him and about his pathetic declaration of love.


#I S O B E L 

I am not sure I have ever read a more bland character than Isobel. Honestly, she had zero personality. Even before Rook kidnaps her she has no personality. Actually, maybe. She is high key petty in one scenario and kind of rude towards her aunt/doesn’t care about them too much further into the book (also conveniently dead parents).

I would usually rant about how dumb she is but I am honestly speechless, a very rare occurrence to me when it comes to venting about a character. I can usually vent for hours. However, Isobel’s stupidly has left me completely speechless. Her obsession with a boy she knows nothing about and who is lowkey a villainous creature is disgusting. I wanted some form of girl power and I did not get a single piece of it.

I truly don’t get the appeal to her either. Rook is basically obsessed with her and I really feel like it is simply because she is obsessed with him (wow romance).

Someone truly needed to give this girl a reality check.

#R O O K 

What a poor excuse for a love interest. I get why people would compare him to Rhysand in some ways (but what an insult to Rhys tbh) due to him kidnapping Isobel (he literally kidnaps her though is the wild thing). I just don’t have a lot to say on him either because much like Isobel, he lacks a personality that isn’t obsessing over her.

Honestly, it’s ridiculous how much I did not like these two. Their scenes together left me cringing and hating everything. Every feeling of ‘love’ between the two felt artificial to me and I really wish the relationship had grown organically instead of just being forced upon us.


Overall, a massive disappointed for me. I really don’t have much to say to round this off (a common theme in this review, but I’ve had a pretty shitty day so writing this in itself was difficult for me). I mean, give this a go, I can understand why so many people love it but just not for me.

Happy reading everyone.