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I saw the romance tag on Books Are The New Black Blog. I am a massive romance fan. Which, I’m sure is clear considering how many reviews I have done for contemporary adult romances. It is absolutely ridiculous but they make me so happy. I couldn’t find this original tag, but if you know where it is put it in the comments and I’ll make sure to add it here!

Let’s just get started! I haven’t tagged anyone in this since I don’t know who actually reads romance books or not…oops? I’m so dang behind on blogging. If you want to do this tag, please do! ♡



I read my first romance book when I was 11 I think. However, I thought it was the most scandalous things and didn’t start reading romance again until I was 16 – where I still saw it as a guilty pleasure that made me nervous.



I’ll pick someone from a romance book I read recently. Noah from The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren – review coming soon – because I adored his family. I was iffy on him during some parts of the romance novel but I loved his humour.

Let’s Get Textual by Teagan Hunter also had an amazing nerdy hero named Zach. He bloody had a baby goat, how amazing? I think that is the only thing that matters in my reasons as to why I would pick him.



I may as well just make a list for this one. I don’t have ‘why’s’. My why is that they are all absolutely incredible and their romance novels make me mushy goo.

  • Talia Hibbert
  • Alyssa Cole
  • Alisha Rai
  • Christina Lauren
  • Nicola Davidson
  • Tessa Dare
  • Helen Hoangpost-divider-for-blog1


I used to be big on re-reading and I think the romance book I’ve read the most is The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. However, after reading her newest novel 99 Percent Mine (review) I am simply not a fan of the author anymore.



It depends on how the person will go into the book. Are they someone who is just going to call it mummy porn? I can’t deal with that. I only recommend based on a readers taste and if they don’t like romance I am just way too exhausted to even think of recommending one to them.



I definitely prefer contemporary. I love real life settings and love when I can understand references. Historical fiction tends to make me mad often due to the sexism that usually takes place. Suspense is always enjoyable, I love being kept on the edge of my seat and anxiously waiting on what the end is.


The Cookie Book Tag | Book Tag

Thank you so much, Heather, @ Nightly Reading for tagging me! I saw your answers and the questions and just had to do this. Definitely head over to their blog as well, they have some amazing content.

Even though I am a little late. This is another tag where I am a little lazy to put in the book covers – I’m sorry. I’ve spent my day trying to schedule blog posts for after I finish University (which is in October) and buying clothes for my work experience/internship I am doing. I’m sorry if you guy’s don’t like that but that is unfortunately how it is.

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Liebster Award | Book Tag

I was tagged to do this particular award by one of my favourite people in the blogging community. Destiny @ Howling Libraries is seriously one of the most well-spoken people in this community. I literally can’t get enough of what she posts and highly recommend you all head over to her blog and check her out. Thank you so much for tagging me Destiny! ♥



T H E   L I E B S T E R   A W A R D

Liebster is a German word meaning beloved or dearest. The Liebster Award is for your favourite or beloved bloggers who deserve some love in their lives.

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The Lady Jaines | Book Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Malanie @ Malanie Loves Fiction. I only recently started following their blog (a month ago now, because this, has been scheduled) but I absolutely love their content and recommend you head over and give them a follow!

I’m so excited to jump into the tag because there are so many fun questions so let’s just jump into it.



  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer all the questions down below
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The “Me in Book Characters” tag

I was so excited to be tagged in this original tag! I love the girls over @ Windowsill Books so here I am with the ‘me in book characters‘ tag. Thank you so much for tagging me in this Ash and Lo! I hope you enjoy my answers.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the creators of the tag (Us! Ash & Lo @ Windowsill Books)
  2. Thank whoever tagged you!
  3. List 5 book characters who you are most like and explain why.
  4. Tag your friends!

So, let’s jump into this! I was going to include fanart for each character but some of these characters don’t have any, unfortunately. I highly recommend all these books as well (obviously).

  • Ginny Weasley / Harry Potter

I absolutely adore Ginny Weasley. She is straight up my favourite character in the book universe. Hell, my mum even got me her wand for my 20th birthday. She is such a strong individual who never gives up. I see myself in her because she stayed resilient despite every struggle in her life, whether it be her or family. She never gives up and is not afraid to kick ass. My family say I’m more like Hermione, but I see so much of myself in Ginny that I can’t agree with them.

  • Nesta Archeron / A Court of Thorns and Roses

I’ve been told by countless of my friends that I am similar to Nesta from ACOTAR. At first, I was offended because of how she treats Feyre, but as we got to get to know her over the series I understood. She is fierce and loyal. You don’t mess with her family or her friends or she will come after you. I’m similar. If you do my friends or family wrong they may forgive you but I never will. I will be your worst nightmare. I also see Nesta as someone who doesn’t care for herself as much as she cares for whom she loves, and I believe I’m the same way. I’ve been told more than once that I ‘put my life on hold’ to take care of my mum but I disagree.

  • Julian Blackthorn / The Dark Artifices

Again, another fiercely loyal character. Is there a theme here? I seem to see myself as very loyal. Julian is a character I saw myself in with his struggles. He doesn’t want to ask for help despite the fact he knows he needs it. He knows that he will die under the stress he places on himself but he doesn’t care if he can keep his family innocent. For years my sister and I kept what was happening with our mum a secret. We didn’t want to worry our family or have them on our doorstep taking us away. I just love Julian so much. I am definitely not artistic like him though.

  • Grace Glasser / How To Make A Wish

Grace was basically me in a book. Her struggles with her mum, her personality, her determination. It was difficult to read because I related too much. The only varying factor of the book was our sexualities, this being one of the first f/f books I read. I still find myself reflecting on this book and just how powerful it was for me. The parallels I found between my life and Grace’s have me itching to re-read this.

  • Monty / The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice & Virtue

Yet another character who is fiercely loyal. There is one part of Monty I relate to intensely. That being his reaction when he finds out his best friend has epilepsy. It is incredibly ableist and not the best response, but it was raw and it was real. I finally got to read something I had gone through five years ago and that was so powerful for me.


Honestly, I don’t have anyone to tag for this but please feel free to do it! Tag me in your answers too, I would love to read them and what characters you find yourself present in!

Happy reading everyone!

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