Chain of Gold Cover | Discussion


Have you ever seen a cover that made you feel things? Like, at the bottom of your soul you were being screamed at by this cover that this would be one of the best books you have read in your entire life? My Shadowhunter Chronicles trash heart has experienced that with Chain of Gold.

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YA is Maturing & It’s Good! | Discussion


I’ve read some posts lately that have made me a little angry. These posts are discussing how young adult books, also known as YA, shouldn’t depict teenagers in sexual relationships or showing them in ‘mature’ situations like drinking or even having them say the word fuck. Everyone is allowed their own opinions, obviously, but I feel that saying YA maturing over the last few years is a bad thing is wrong. The world is changing. This generation is different from the young adults who were reading young adult books in the early 2000’s. This generation is one of inclusivity and diversity. It’s important to remember this and how the times have changed. One can not stay stagnant and believe that young people who read YA shouldn’t see themselves represented through their experiences.

I will say that you may disagree with me completely and this post is kind of all over the place, but I understand. I just don’t want sex to be viewed as a bad thing throughout YA books because it’s not. To brief: I am not saying all books should include sex. That would be excluding asexual and aromantic people and I’m not here for that. I’m just saying that sex and these ‘mature’ themes should be explored much more in YA.

Just a FYI, I will be saying ‘mature’ in quotation marks because I do not believe these things fall under the mature category.

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Books I Didn’t Think I’d Love But Did (2.0) | Discussion

I enjoyed writing up the first post (click here to see it) and it was well received, so here I am doing part two. I’m pretty excited and I hope y’all like this part two as much as part one. I think after this I’m going to try “books I thought I’d love but hated” because the list of those books is ridiculously long. I may also do “books I knew I’d hate and I did” because I hate myself and have even more of those (actually probably just one post).

Enough waffle though, let us jump into these books! I’m super interested to hear your thoughts so make sure to comment below!
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Books I Didn’t Think I’d Like But Loved | Discussion

I know a lot of people have the ability to be able to tell what book they’ll like before they read it. I sometimes have this ability, but more times than not I don’t. I sometimes struggle to work out what I will like and what I won’t like. Typically I fall into reading what books are hyped, which leads to a lot of disappointment for me when they don’t live up to it.

It’s not all bad news though. Sometimes I pick up a book with a resigned sigh, not expecting much and discover a new favourite. Have you ever had this happen? If so let me know in the comments so I know I’m not strange.

Some of these books include:

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