Something New | Mini Reviews

Sometimes I don’t have enough thoughts or comments to make a full review. I don’t know if anyone else has this dilemma but I have noticed this happening more and more to me as I continue in the blogging world. I am struggling to compile my review thoughts. Maybe it’s because I started doing discussion posts? Who knows (not me).

I decided that I would write mini-reviews for some of the books I’ve read recently, compiling three to make a full blog post. I know, I’m a genius. There are three books within this post that I just simply didn’t have much to say on. They all left me feeling kind of flat or just unable to put my love in words. These reviews aren’t long at all and, as always, I feature the trigger warnings I found while reading. I hope you enjoy this different style of post, let’s jump into the reviews!

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July Wrap Up 2018

I can’t even be like ‘wow this year is going by so fast’ because July was the slowest month for me ever. July was a super shitty month for me in terms of my personal life. I don’t think I got a break at all. My mum had three seizures and ended up in the hospital again a week later for almost having a heart attack (all before her 44th birthday). I was left to help care for mum alone while also trying to balance my full semester of uni that I signed up for. I also got diagnosed with mild arthritis so it’s been a mess of a month.

Don’t get me wrong, some good things happened. We finally caught up on our rent. My mum had a great birthday. My mum made a full recovery and there was no heart attack. I got to go see the Masterchef Australia judges with one of my favourite people, as well as have a great day with her and her partner. I also now being treated for my mild arthritis (which is good!) and I got the work experience opportunity I wanted.

Some major highs and lows this month.

I also upped my Goodreads goal and managed to hit 100 books this month! Yay!

You’re not here to hear about my highs and lows of July 2018 though. You’re here to find out how many books I managed to get through. I managed to read nineteen books in July. Here they are. A lot of the reviews haven’t been posted yet, so prepare for them over the next month or so.

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