6 Romance Books I Recommend | Discussion

If you’ve spent even a small amount of time on my blog you probably know I love romance novels. I am a big YA reader but sometimes I just can’t get into those stories and need a good smutty romance to push me through. I am not ashamed of it. Unless your my mother, then leave this list because you do not need to read any of this.

Sometimes a good romance, one with not very much drama, is just what you need to help you when you’re in a funk. Not everyone can read heavy fantasy when suffering from something in their personal life. So, I am here to recommend six of my favourite romance books. These are books I have absolutely adored and want to shout from the heavens.

If you are someone who thinks romance is too ‘cringe’ or ‘boring’ this list definitely isn’t for you. These are some of the romance books that have had me squealing into a pillow or smiling ridiculously in public. These are the books I believe could cure any slump.

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A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert


Talia Hibbert has one of the most incredible minds for romance. All her books have left me absolutely swooning and needing more. The way she writes her male characters is honestly magic and if you haven’t read anything by her, what are you doing?

A Girl Like Her was the first Talia Hibbert book I read and I recommend starting there. The hero in the book is based off a Chris Evans gif and he cooks (!!!). Talia also named him Evan and if that isn’t genius. The story is both sweet and dramatic, enough to keep you completely enchanted with the characters.

Talia Hibbert’s books all typically feature plus size women of colour – not always, but a large majority. It is own voices representation. Additionally, A Girl Like Her also features own voices autistic representation.

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Josh & Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating by Christina Lauren


Josh & Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating by Christina Lauren may be one of the best romances I have ever read. This book had me genuinely laughing out loud, which is a common theme with all the books on this list honestly.

This book really had it all. Friends to lovers (which I don’t typically enjoy), a bunch of animals (including a dog) and some amazing family relationships. There were friendships throughout the book and you really do get an idea of Josh and Hazel’s past, though more would have been better if you ask me. The ending is a little rushed, but you really fall in love with these characters and find yourself sad when the book is over.

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The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang


The hype for The Kiss Quotient was incredible. I was blown away by the love it was getting through ARCs and knew I needed to get a copy. I did and I was not disappointed. The characters jump off the page and to have an autistic main character was so damn amazing. Also, need to mention that the representation is also own voices. I’m all about hyping own voice novels on my blog and this is one of them.

This book definitely had it’s problems, mainly some alpha male issues, but it is such an easy read. It is incredibly easy to binge in one sitting and will leave you slightly breathless. The characters are so real and you really do root for them. Sometimes in books, I root against the characters (oops) but this is definitely not one of those.

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The Hating Game by Sally Thorne


Believe it or not, for a while the only romance book I would let myself read was The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. Sally is an Australian author, something I adore, and this was her debut novel. It completely blew me away. I don’t even know if I was aware it was a romance when I went into it but it was enemies to lovers which are my favourite trope to ever exist.

Again, The Hating Game isn’t perfect and it does have flaws within it. However, it just makes me feel so much. Josh and Lucy are such adorable main characters that make me giggle like a schoolkid. It is such an enjoyable read every time I pick up this book and I really have recommended this to basically everyone I know who reads.

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A Princess In Theory by Alyssa Cole


This was my first Alyssa Cole book and certainly not my last. I am a sucker for royalty. I guess I’m a royalist? I just adore it. My family moved to Australia from England after World War 2 and we have all been absolutely obsessed with the Royals. Give me a story with royalty and 99% of the time I will adore it.

A Princess In Theory fit that perfectly. I was absolutely so enchanted by this story. The fact that the kingdom was in Africa and science played such a large focus kept me so involved with this story.

It is just so nice to read something as comforting as A Princess in Theory. It is a book that I found myself falling in to and being so damn comfortable. I read it in a day and I still think about it despite having read it at the beginning of this year. I recommend this one because it is just an incredible story. It does take a little while to get to the main plot point but there is enough to keep you entertained and reading about Ledi and Thabiso.

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Hate To Want You by Alisha Rai


I really didn’t think I’d enjoy Hate To Want You, shockingly I binged the entire series. I am not a fan of forbidden romances or second chance romances, which this series entails. I just get bored and frustrated with them. I guess it’s because I don’t give second chances. However, I loved this one. Alisha Rai is an artist with words and crafted such incredible characters.

The characters in Hate To Want You have a sort of Romeo & Juliet sort of love story. The fact that they come together once a year to have sex obviously doesn’t fall in line with that but the war between their families definitely plays into that. All the characters in this story are so incredibly fleshed out. You are truly left wanting to find out more about them, and thankfully you get the chance since this is a trilogy that follows the family.

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Happy reading everyone!

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  1. This is such a great list! 💛 I need to read one of Talia Hibbert’s books, I keep hearing amzing things about them. I read Josh and Hazel’s and The Kiss Quotient this year and really enjoyed both of them and I have The Hating Game and A Princess in Theory on my tbr for Smutathon, so hopefully I will have read them by the end of December.

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